"Parliamentary Law and Practice for Nonprofit Organizations - Third Edition" by Harry S. Rosenthal


This handy and valuable parliamentary reference book fills a large informational gap for those who are preparing for and running nonprofit business meetings. An important complement to your rule book, the author simultaneously draws upon the three principal sources of parliamentary authority by including: • A sample of state nonprofit statutory law • Selected legal case law • Five of the principal parliamentary rule books. Information about the use of electronic technology, executive (closed) session, and conflicts of interest is also provided.


Correct parliamentary meeting procedure is essential to the efficient and proper functioning of nonprofit organizations. Without it, an organization's goals and operation may be thwarted by inefficient and mistake-filled meetings. It is vital for nonprofits to stay informed on this subject. Parliamentary Law and Practice for Nonprofit Organizations – Third Edition is a practical and authoritative resource for professionals and volunteers who govern and participate in nonprofit organizations.Parliamentary Services, Parliamentarian, Philadelphia

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Harry S. Rosenthal

Parliamentary Services, Parliamentarian, Philadelphia